Hi! I'm Wonetta, double certified Credit Consultant and the owner of VP Credit Rescue LLC. I've helped over 150 men and women, entrepreneurs included, achieve their life & financial goals in the form of new cars, homes, and improved credit and finances to start their business. I work with my clients from beginning to end on their credit reports, finances, and financial mindset to put a stop to denied applications and high APR's. 



Now, I'm here to help YOU achieve a better financial future all on your own with my new workbook!

There is NO other workbook (there actually aren't any credit workbooks) like this on the market for those seeking "do it yourself" help and a place to put all of that information. 

 It took me to stop listening to the people who were giving me information that wasn't helpful. I did all the wrong things! I was sending in my signature, talking to collectors, making agreements, and paying all without disputing the accounts or asking for debt validation. I had to read and study the laws myself before my disputes were successful. I'm giving you all of that information here.


You've decided, after tons of phone calls, and letters to make an agreement with a collection agency to pay off your debt. You spoke with them over the phone, and because they scared/intimidated you...you agreed to pay it. Then, you set up the arrangements had TWO MORE payments left to pay off the account and they SOLD the account to another collection agency who WOULD NOT honor that arrangement and wanted even more money! 

This workbook will show you how to NEVER go through that again!

It's no fun when you buy "The Credit Repair Book of All Credit Repair Books" that show you how to "Do It Yourself" and the FIRST thing they demand is that you  STAY ORGANIZED....but they never give you a place to do so. You're basically all on your own, and as time passes you lose important documents you need in this journey. One minute you have everything you need, and then two months later, an item reappears on your credit report, and you can't find that one letter from XYZ Collection Agency. That was THE letter that said they were removing the account from your credit report and telling the bureaus to make sure they remove it. You had no specific place to keep it, so now it's lost... this workbook is for YOU!


What You Will Get Access To:

How To Obtain Your Reports
Overview/Summary of Your Credit Report Worksheet
What To Look For!
Current Credit Card Overview Worksheet
Call Your Card Issuer & Negotiate...
What A Debt Collector Can/Can't Do!
Collection Agency Tricks & the Law's Point of View
Debt Collector Contact Log Worksheet
Writing A Dispute Letter
Sample Dispute Letter
Inquiry Dispute Tracker Worksheet
Dispute Sent...Now What?
Dispute Tracker Worksheet
Sample Judgement Dispute Letter
Pay For Deletion/Negotiations Tracker Worksheet
Positive Accounts Worksheet


This workbook is for you if:

You have been writing disputes for months and nothing is happening!

You want to do it on your own but don't know where to start.

You removed an account from your credit report and it came back!

You have one or two items you want removed and don't want to pay a credit repair company to do something you can do yourself.

You want to learn more about the credit repair process and what credit repair is.

You already know about credit repair, and are helping a friend and need a workbook to keep everything organized.

You've read other credit repair manuals, guides, etc. and none of it made sense to you.


Workbook Praise!

This is much more detailed than the one I have (credit repair book)! I loved the worksheets! And I loved how you made it so you don’t have to flip back and forth. You really wrote this with the consumer in mind.
— Patrece C.

Write It For Me!

Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this service by purchasing this workbook. "Write It for Me" will NEVER be available to the public. 

Sometimes this journey will kick your entire butt! Trust me, I know! When I started this journey myself, before I ever thought of really turning this into a company it was frustrating!

I know how it feels :

When one company or one bureau will do nothing but give you the runaround.
When you send your first letter optimistic about deletions, and instead receive a stall letter. ..
When you send your second letter just knowing the item will be removed....and updated/verified!

By now you're sick and tired or being sick and tired, and you're ready to try something new!
It's okay, those are only SOME of the problems this workbook will solve for you. Don't want to write the disputes, but want to do it yourself? YOU are the reason "Write It for Me" was created.


Debt Collector Contact Log

At this point, you're sick of all the debt collectors calling your house, cell phone, job, relatives, etc. This workbook will show you how to STOP THOSE ANNOYING CALLS, as well as show you how to log them for your benefit.

If you fill out this log properly and follow the instructions given in this workbook and collectors STILL call and harass you or threaten you...this log will MAKE YOU MONEY all by itself! 

Want to know how? Detailed instructions are included in the workbook.