The first, most important, cost associated with your credit journey will be your credit monitoring service. This is a requirement when receiving services from us as it allows us to receive the most up to date information about your credit reports and their changes.  It allows us to check up on the bureaus and creditors and see exactly what needs to be done. When they say something has been deleted, removed or updated, we want to make sure something has actually changed on your credit report. The cost for this monitoring service is anywhere from $15-$40 a month. What you will receive with our services:

FREE Setup

FREE 24/7 Access

Add Your Spouse for $100

Unlimited Bureau Disputes

Unlimited Creditor Disputes

We offer a pay per delete model, that way you only pay for what is actually removed from your credit report. Cool, right? There's no reason for us to charge you a monthly fee anymore (our old model), as that wasn't good for everyone. It is better for our clients (we make everything better for you), to only pay for what has been accomplished and handled.

Enrollment/Audit fees are still $110 for an individual sign-up and $210 for joint sign-ups. Our deletion fees are as follows: 

Personal Information- $10

Inquiries- $25

Standard items -$35

Public Records- $50

The best part about all of this...THERE ARE NO UPFRONT FEES INVOLVED!!


What does Personal Information mean?

Personal information means the deletion or repair of any Incorrect Name, Date of Birth, Address, SSN, or Employer from any bureau.

When something has been "Repaired" what does that mean?

A repair is defined as an item in negative status being changed to positive status. An item is not considered repaired unless ALL negative information is removed from the reporting of the item.

What are Standard Items?

Standard Items refer to the deletion or repair of any item reported by any creditor or collection agency, that is NOT listed as a Public Record, from any bureau.

What are Inquiries?

Inquiries are defined as the deletion of any credit inquiry listed on a client's credit report from any bureau.

What do you mean by Personal Records?

Public Records are the deletion of any Public Record on the client's credit report (Judgments, tax Liens, or Bankruptcy) from any bureau.