• Customized Dispute Plan to Fit Your Specific Credit Repair Needs.

You don't want a company that is just going to send you through the motions like they do EVERY client they have. Not everything should be disputed on your report, and there are 20+ factors that go into the decision of  "Should this be disputed."  We know exactly how you feel about that "same old, same old " routine,  so that is why we work with YOU, with your credit report in hand, to make sure we craft a dispute plan that is specifically tailored for you.

  • An Experienced and Board Certified Credit Consultant Working With You throughout The Process.

You want someone who knows exactly what they are doing when they have your credit report in hand. We take your personal information, and your financial future seriously. Your success is our success, therefore, our team consists of double-certified credit consultants with 2+ years of experience.

  • Customized Dispute Letters Sent On Your Behalf.

Have you seen those dispute letters floating around online? Well, we have! Imagine how many people are filling their personal information in, printing them, and mailing them off in their "Do-It-Yourself" journey. Your dispute letter is customized for YOU and your situation. We make it a priority to NEVER  send out the same letter twice.

  • Access to Your Case Status and Account Information - 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week Online.

You can log into your client portal 24/7 and see exactly what is going on with your case. You will see who is working on your case, as well as be able to view your progress. Want to view your enrollment agreement, billing status, documents you or one of our staff have uploaded, or use the chat portal to speak with us?  Sign In Here to do so (You must have received your login credentials by email, and be a current "active" client)

What We Expect From You: 

  • be willing and able to commit to at least 4-6 months of service(Individual service times may vary);

Your credit did not get the way it is overnight so it will not become perfect overnight.  We do not charge deletion fees until we actually achieve deletion results, so we work to achieve those results as fast as possible. The credit bureaus have 30 days during each round we send to respond, so we take that into account during our services. We are putting this time frame here as a reference on how long our previous clients have been with us, and their success time-frame.  

  • be willing and able to obtain a  credit monitoring service;

An active triple bureau credit monitoring service is a requirement for continued enrollment in our program. It allows us to check up on the bureaus and creditors and see exactly what needs to be done. When they say something has been deleted, removed or updated, we want to make sure something has actually changed on your credit report. The cost for this monitoring service is anywhere from $15-$40 a month. 

You are used to being told not to read the fine print, or click here to agree! Please read and understand our terms of service as if anything arises that was covered...we will refer you back to them. We are super excited you chose us to help repair your credit for a better financial future!

  • be willing & able to afford our one-time audit fee of $110 ($210 if joint enrollment) and our pay per delete fees.

We know that you are willing, because you wouldn't be here if you were not. Can you do it comfortably without neglecting your necessary bills? We make sure to put this out in the open because we don't want to hinder your finances. We are here to help you. Let's be clear, necessary bills are rent, food, utilities, loans, notes, mortgages, etc....not your morning coffee. Morning coffee stops on the way to work and bad credit don't mix well in the long run.

Having great credit is more important than ever. But why work with us?

  • We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • We are a company with integrity.

  • We are board certified.

  • We are intimately involved with your credit repair journey.

  • We care about your outcome and make sure to inform you of your rights and educate you in the process.

  • Our fees are reasonable and we work with your file until either your six months have passed or all items have been taken care of.